Bangalore to Kolar Road Trip, and Eating Chinese sizzlers in Highway star is Our favorite thing to do

If you are planning on one day trip from Bangalore to Kolar – this is the comprehensive guide on travel, food and sightseeing places in Kolar. (At the bottom is the FAQ section which answers all the travel queries). Here is the reason why Kolar travel is one of the best one day trip from […]

Kumbakonam Famous Food Items – We went Road trip 11 days, Find the list of famous food and snacks to eat in Kumbakonam

Where to Eat in Kumbakonam

“Where to eat?” is the first thought comes to our mind if we are travelling to new places. And it is hard to decide with fake ratings and reviews for restaurants these days. Me and my hubby have spent the majority of our vacation in Kumbakonam in our 11 days motorbike trip in 2017 and […]

How our love for Bike journey started one year after our Marriage?

It all started when me and my husband Rajesh went for a casual ride to a cafe, enjoyed hanging out there for sometime..   We were married in September 2015 in our native Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Since ours was an arranged marriage, As much as we enjoyed the weekend hot dates in awesome restaurants in Bangalore, […]