Planning a trip to Kumbakonam? Save your time and money eating in these restaurants in Kumbakonam India

“Where to eat?” is the first thought comes to our mind if we are travelling to new places.

And it is hard to decide with fake ratings and reviews for restaurants these days.

Me and my hubby have spent the majority of our vacation in Kumbakonam in our 11 days motorbike trip. So we have explored all the major eateries – both vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants in Kumbakonam.

I am suggesting the following places to eat in Kumbakonam based on the quality of food, ambience, fast service and value for money. 

I am sure this information comes handy for all kinds of travellers to Kumbakonam India.

Also, I am suggesting the best ginger tea shop at the end of this article for tea lovers in the coffee famous town.

The Best place to eat Vegetarian Food  -“Only Coffee” Restaurant in Kumbakonam

I am an early riser, and a Coffee lover.

Almost everyday we used to travel 10kms from centre Kumbakonam town to “Only Coffee” restaurant for steaming cup of coffee. If we had no long travel plans to any temples, we used to hangout there until we finish our breakfast. Sometimes we roam around near by agri field, chill out, take some pics and come back to the same restaurant for Lunch.

Even Though they have another branch in centre town, a restaurant facing Holy Mahamaham tank, we always loved going to this place for the scenic ride and friendly staffs.

The name says “Only Coffee” so obviously anyone would think of it as a coffee shop.

We did too.

When we stayed in Aditya Resorts for 2 days where we had no option for dining, we came out of the resort in a mindset to ride to the nearby coffee shop.

We found “Only Coffee” in the immediate neighbourhood, with the display of clay toys and some interesting books.

The friendly hotel staff asked us whether we wanted to have some snacks to go with coffee, we said yes, and we chose “kolukattai” from the choice of salad and sandwich.

Since then, our entire two days stay in Aditya Resort, we never had to roam searching for any restaurants in Kumbakonam. Even after we moved to different accommodation in the city, we came back almost everyday, sometimes twice in a day for their dosa varieties and coffee. 

They serve all kinds of typical Tamil Nadu breakfast items.

They also serve unlimited and limited meals for lunch, the only time rice item was available, we chose limited meals because we preferred light food for lunch.

Not only their food is healthy (they use only less oil for food items, so they don’t serve any deep fried snacks) but also they have a variety of healthy snacks and pickles for sale. They also sell wood pressed cooking oil (Marachekku oil), some children books and wooden play toys. According to me, this place is the best vegetarian restaurant in Kumbakonam.

We absolutely enjoyed eating every time in “Only Coffee”.

Its definitely a best place for healthy, vegetarian food choices to eat with family and friends.

Only Coffee Restaurant, Best Vegetarian Food in Kumbakonam
Only Coffee Restaurant, Tiruvidaimaruthur

Only coffee Restaurant – The best hangout place, Peaceful ambience with the healthy variety of vegetarian tiffin and meals, Evening salads and Sandwiches served all time with hot coffee/tea/milk.

Cheap Price and Quality Veg restaurant in Kumbakonam- Ayya Kadai

We have been to Kumbakonam twice in the year 2017. In our last short stay in Kumbakonam, that was around March for Mahamaham festival in the same year 2017, we had stayed in Poppys Hotel for 3 days.

Rajesh wanted to have something chill quenching for the summer heat, we went to nearby Arun ice cream parlour 2 mins walk from Poppys Hotel towards Mahamaham Tank. That’s when we came to know “Ayya kadai” opposite to the ice cream parlour and the same evening we went to the shop for snacks and tea.

Initially, we thought of it as a tea stall, because hardly 15 people can sit inside the shop. Later we came to know they serve food 3 times a day, with Poori masala, pongal, idli, dosa varieties for breakfast and dinner, variety rice and parotta for lunch.

Almost all the prices were less than or equal to Rs. 20/- including the variety rice(like tomato rice, puliyogare, lemon rice and curd rice), so it is obvious to doubt the quality of food.

But it is a super clean small eatery shop run by 3 guys, and they promise to deliver the quality food (they have a sticker inside shop emphasizing that).  And from my experience, it is the super clean restaurant in Kumbakonam serving good quality food.

Evening Parotta In Ayya Kadai, Kumbakonam
Ayya Kadai, Kumbakonam centre town

Ayya Kadai – is the best choice in Kumbakonam town for anyone looking to eat light (and healthy) without hurting the pocket. Also, it is a must try place for an evening snack – masala vada and other oil fried snacks with coffee or tea.

Non-Vegetarians’ Delight in Kumbakonam – Pandian Hotel

I love to eat Non-Veg for dinner, if not daily at least twice in a week is a must for me. Rajesh does not like non-veg as much as I like it, but he too loves to indulge in it, if it catches his eye. 

After asking few people in the busy street, we were guided to a hotel across “Sarangapani temple”. We very much liked the variety of food they had in the menu, in fact, we had a hard time picking orders from the menu.

Non-veg Hotel in Kumbakonam, Pandian Hotel
Pandian Hotel menu
Idiyappam In Kumbakonam, Pandian Hotel
Idiyappam With Chicken gravy
Non-Veg Hotel in Kumbakonam, Pandiyan Hotel
Muttai Lappa with Prawn Masala
Non-Veg Hotel in Kumbakonam
Egg Kothu Parotta with Fish Fry

Food was served in Banana leaf, calm place to enjoy the feast. We had enjoyed two varieties of parottas, Kothu parotta, chicken masala and prawn masala with butter milk.

No chinese items were available.

We loved going back for the crispy Kothu Parotta and the Idiyappam.

We were also suggested to go Hotel Shanmuga, which is also a famous non-veg serving restaurant. The other day we tried some chinese there, but we didn’t enjoy it as much as we did in all other restaurants in Kumbakonam I have listed in this article, because of noisy ambience and poor quality food.

Pandian Hotel in Kumbakonam – Pure authentic restaurant serves all kinds of Non-Veg items with a wide variety of parottas, dosa items, idiyappam, and meals.

Snacks and Ginger Tea in Centre Town Kumbakonam

Speaking of tea, all I would suggest is to go to this shop opposite to clock tower in centre town Kumbakonam. 

You will get the best ginger tea all the time.

You can also enjoy coffee or flavoured milk, whichever is your choice. 

Ginger tea shop in Kumbakonam
Ginger tea famous Sri Balaji Shop, opposite to clock tower in Kumbakonam

If you want to have some evening snacks before having tea, then you need to walk 2 mins from the tea shop, cross the famous temple “Abhi Mukeshwar” facing the holy mahamaham tank, you will find “snacks junction”.

Here you will get crispy egg bondas, mushroom chaat masala, soup varieties and other chaat items. This snack shop is the best hangout place with the view of the Mahamaham tank.

Come back and finish your tea in Balaji tea shop and head to your destination.

We are not a foodie, so we did not attempt to eat in all the restaurants Kumbakonamnam, instead, we went and explored which was conveniet for us.

So, What do you think about my suggestions on restaurants in Kumbakonam? Comment below.


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