Famous Temples in Kumbakonam – From Our Long Bike trip to Kumbakonam From Bangalore

Famous temples in Kumbakonam images

Kumbakonam became one of the favorite cities when we went on a 3 days trip for Masi Maham Festival in the year 2017. Soon in the same year, we planned a 11 days bike trip from Bangalore to Kumbakonam for the love of its breathtaking temples and its serene beauty. So I can proudly say […]

Kumbakonam Famous Food Items (Including Coffee and Sweets)

best Non veg restaurant in Kumbakonam

In the year 2017 and 2018 in our long bike trip from Bangalore, we have spent most of the days in Kumbakonam. Here are my suggestions for Kumbakonam Famous food items, and the restaurants we preferred eating all the time. What is Kumbakonam Famous For and What are the Kumbakonam Famous Food items: “Where to […]