My Travel disappointment story in Dubare Elephant Camp Coorg (Did you know Elephant Bathing allowed only in the Morning timings?)

Have you ever traveled to a destination planned wholly based on the information mentioned in one of the travel websites, later realise that the information was not precise only after reaching that destination? Not only your travel plan is screwed, but the effort you need to put to cover the disappointment because your entire trip was weaved around that destination.

This is our story of travel disappointment in Dubare Elephant camp Coorg, 4 days of bike trip planned by my husband Rajesh to impress his Elephant loving wifey.

It all happened due to the misunderstanding in the dubare elephant camp timings -We went in the evening time as per our research from google, unfortunately Elephant bathing opened for visitors only in the morning timing from 9am to 11 am. Since we reached around 11am, both boat ride and elephant bath and safari was closed as well.

Well, read further to know how you can avoid the same mistake as we did. Also, find at the bottom of the article for other sightseeing places around Dubare.

Thanks to our Love for the bike ride, we love riding a bike as much as we love travelling to sightseeing the places. So I wouldn’t call it a complete disappointment travel experience, nor a win-win situation.

Dubare Elephant bathing and feeding
Credit – travel blog

What happened in Dubare Elephant Camp?

I, animal lover, Love watching Animal Planet and Sony BBC Earth over any other TV channels, especially Elephants at any given time. So, my beloved hubby planned 4 days bike trip from Bangalore to Coorg, on the way he had planned to take me to Elephant safari and Elephant bathing (in a protected environment) in Dubare Elephant camp. Because he knew I would do anything and I would travel any extent to at least touch the Elephants.

For those who do not know anything about Dubare elephant camp, Coorg –

It is a nature camp situated by Kaveri river bed about 100kms from Mysuru, run by Karnataka Forest department with the aim of providing tourists/visitors memorable wildlife experience. As Dubare forest is home to many wildlife animals and birds, you would not only connect with nature, but also a thrilling adventure to feed, touch, play and bath the elephants.

Cool isn’t it?

Elephants are the main attraction here, as they are trained under naturalists (some are trained for Mysore Dussehra festival, now retired and used for the elephant safari in this camp), Jungle Lodges and Resorts have various activities involving elephants.

Basically, Dubare Elephant camp is for Elephant safari, Elepaht bathing and feeding, and Bird watching.

You could stay in the resorts in the dubare elephant camp or you could stay in Kushal Nagar or Madikeri or Coorg whichever suits your travel plan, budget and comfort.

Since it was a 4 days trip, we chose to stay in Madikeri, so before reaching we decided to spend half daytime in Dubare, experience the unimaginable wildlife experience with the elephants.

I cannot even explain the happiness and expectation I had for this bike trip.

Here we are, around noon, started from Mysore, explored Nisargadhama temple before we reached the Dubare camp. 

There were only very few vehicles in the parking area and to our happiness, we saw the passenger boat returning from the other side. We saw few adults and kids playing in the Kaveri river. We wondered where we would keep our bike saddle bags and a tank bag which has my hubby’s Laptop and other important stuff. Looking around, saw a few commercial shops but doesn’t seem to be a safe place to keep our valuables. Clearly, we had not thought in advance about securing our baggage.

Meanwhile, leaving me with my thoughts about safekeeping the luggage, my hubby went to inquire the boat ride timings and fee to the Dubare Elephant camp situated across the river.

Here comes the unexpected disappointment.

He was told that the ride to the camp is closed at 11 am itself, and we were asked to come by 4.30pm.

Waiting till 4.30pm was not a good idea as we knew from our past experience (to Yercaud) that it gets dark soon in the hill stations. So we decided to head to our final destination Coorg.

Had we checked and cross-checked in multiple websites and confirmed the entry timings to Dubare Elephant camp, we would have avoided the disappointment.

Well, some other time.

Bye Bye Dubare Elephant camp.

We then had lunch, headed straight to Madikeri.

Apart from our disappointment, we absolutely enjoyed our smooth ride among the forests and hills. Thanks to google maps, we reached safely to Hotel Coorg International around evening.

Suggestions: Read this before you plan your trip to Dubare Elephant Camp

Well, here are some suggestions to the readers from my failed travel experience to Dubare Elephant camp Madikeri.

#1. How we reached the Dubare Elephant camp by Bike

Day 1 (Bangalore to Mysore):

Bangalore to Dubare camp distance is approx 260 km, which was near to impossible for us to reach before noon by motorbike. So we decided to spend the night in Mysore (day-1) so that the next day we could reach before noon to Dubare (day-2).

Also, there was no point reaching tired and exhausted to the elephant camp, So we spent night in Ginger hotel, had dinner and roamed around Mysore.

It was a clean city with regulated traffic, with so many places to see in Mysuru, we decided to visit them in near future.

#2. Dubare elephant camp Coorg timings

Day 2 (Mysuru to Dubare Elephant camp, Coorg):

Distance from Mysore to dubare elephant camp is just 100kms, so on day-2, we first reached Namdroling Monastery at 10 am after having breakfast on the highway.

In Kaushalnagar where the temple is located, you could see the monks everywhere in red/maroon attire in the temple, in the local shops and some are even running the local businesses.

You also have good toilet facilities in the temple parking area.

Kushalnagar to Dubare elephant camp Coorg distance is the just 15kms ride, once you reach the entrance, find a place to park vehicles at the Kaveri river bed and cross the river by boat or walk across.

As per other travelers reviews, it is advised to walk across the river as the rocks are very slippery, so we planned to cross the river by boat.

We reached Dubare around noon, to our disappointment the boat ride was closed by 11 am itself, so we just stood there in disbelief.

We then decided to come back the next day from Madikeri to dubare elephant camp (distance -36kms via kedakal; the other route is comparatively less distance but the journey takes more time).

Dubare elephant camp Coorg timings are 9 to 11 in the morning and 4.30 to 6 pm in the evening. Even though camp is open for visitors from 4.30 pm to 6.30pm, elephant bathing is available only in the morning timings.

If you are travelling with a partner or with family, especially on weekends, plan such as way so you could reach Dubare before 9 am, so you can effortlessly secure a place for parking and less queue for a boat ride to the elephant camp and elephant bathing as well.

Although Dubare elephant camp day visit timing is 9 to 11 am, you can spend extra time with family or have lunch in the restaurants.

According to dubare elephant camp reviews, food is available for visitors inside jungle lodges restaurant.

#3. Dubare elephant camp entry fee

Once you reach the entrance, park your vehicle at Kaveri river bed, cross the river by shared boat taxi or walk across to reach the camp (caution: water level and slippery rocks).

For the family of 4, with 2 adults and 2 kids, you will be charged 300/- INR for boat ride alone. Once after you reach the camp, you will be allowed to feed the elephants (10/- INR per food bag) and bath the elephants (100/- INR per person) and ride the elephant safari (100/- INR per person).

It is to be noted that during weekends, there is always a long queue for elephant feeding and bathing.

Below is the Dubare elephant camp timing and entry fee for both locals and foreigners- but it contradicts the information I mentioned above.

We collected the information straight from the parking ticket collector – believing that to be true – it is safe to reach the spot by 8 am itself.

If you are bored waiting for boat, you could play in the kaveri river – it is open for visitors all the times.

Dubare elephant entrance timing and fee

#4. Dubare elephant camp jungle lodges (where to stay and eat)

Dubare Elephant Camp is The Property of Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd, Govt. of Karnataka.

You could check their website here for more information on 2 days jungle resort stay and elephant fun activities.

As per online reviews, there is no more Jeep Jungle safari which you can confirm contacting them directly.

Otherwise, if you choose to stay outside of Dubare, you have plenty of options in Kushal Nagar and Coorg.

We chose to stay in Madikeri, in Hotel Coorg International, where we spent day-3 and had good time sightseeing Madikeri especially Raja’s seat and trek to Abbey falls.

If we had to travel from Madikeri, and Coorg to dubare elephant camp distance is 37 km. But we made our mind to explore Coorg to make the 2nd half of journey worthful.

When in Kushalnagar, we had lunch in Fish curry rice restaurant, which I recommend to non-vegetarians.

Overall, 4 days bike ride was a memorable experience.

As soon as I visit Dubare Elephant camp again, I will come back and share the experience here again with pics.

And don’t forget to leave a comment about your experience in Dubare Elephant camp.

Other Places to see in and Around Dubare elephant Camp:

  1. Nisargadama Golden Temple (Namdroling Monastery) -Kaushal Nagar
  2. Mysore – Famous Tourist destination – Mysore Zoo, Palace, Sri Chamundeswari hills, Brindavan garden, Tippu Sultan Fort etc.,
  3. Visit Nagarhole National Park – Wildlife safari at 6am to 8am, so you need to be there by 5.45 am atleast
  4. Srirangapatna – Sri ranganathar Temple.
  5. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
  6. Talakadu – Origin of Talakaveri, Play in the river, Visit famous ancient temples being buried under sand
  7. Somanathapura – Chennakesave temple  – Ancient Hoysala Architecture under Archaeology department
Sum Up On Dubare Elephant Camp Timing, Entry Fee and Boating Fee:

If you are staying in Dubare Forest resort or Planing for one day trip to Dubare Elephant Camp – You need to make sure to be there before 8.30 am. Park Your vehicle, collect parking ticket (10/ – rupees for 2-wheelers), head to Kaveri river.

Pay 300/ -(For a family of 4) for Boat ride to cross the river, to reach the camp.

Once after you reach the camp, you will be allowed to feed the elephants (10/- INR per food bag) and bath the elephants (100/- INR per person) and ride the elephant safari (100/- INR per person).

Little extra money for the foreign individuals.

Note: During Weekends it is best advised to be there at the entrance by 8.00am itself as there will be long que for boat ride. Also you are not allowed to swim across the river, only bathing is allowed at this point.

Dubare Elephant Camp  Timing: 

9am to 11 am – For Elephant safari, elephant bathing, elephant feeding and wildlife photography

4.30 pm to 6.30 pm – Only Elephant safari, wildlife photography

Please note all the details about Dubare elephant camp in Coorg -entry fee, entry timing and activities, so you could plan your trip to Dubare accordingly.


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  1. Good to know the detailed information on Dubare Elephant camp and especially the activities related to Elephant. Even I have planned a bike trip to Southwest where Coorg is included. Can you throw some more light on Coorg Coffee plantation tour and locker facility available at Duabre Elephant camp? As we are also riders and wondering where we will keep our helmets and tank bag.
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    We can also exchange information w.r.t. travel on bike and exploring India.

    1. Hi regarding the locker facilites @dubare, there are none. You will be keeping in the nearby shops, not sure of the safety. Even there are no locker facilities in the Nisargadama temple, we had to keep them in the nearby shop. And we have not been to coffee plantation in Coorg, good luck with your bike trip. Have a good one :).

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