Famous Temples in Kumbakonam – From Our Long Bike trip to Kumbakonam From Bangalore

Famous temples in Kumbakonam images

Kumbakonam became one of the favorite cities when we went on a 3 days trip for Masi Maham Festival in the year 2017. Soon in the same year, we planned a 11 days bike trip from Bangalore to Kumbakonam for the love of its breathtaking temples and its serene beauty. So I can proudly say I know well about Kumbakonam like how well I know Bangalore. Famous temples in Kumbakonam and other important temples in and around Kumbakonam is covered in this article.

I am giving list of (a) famous temples in the center town Kumbakonam and (b) famous temples around Kumbakonam (nearby temples in Kumbakonam from the main town) for both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu temples.

Here are the list of Kumbakonam famous temples and must visit temples once in life time from our multiple road trip experiences. 

Kumbakonam Famous For Temples and Known for Many other things:

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims flock this holy town on all auspicious days. 

As I mentioned earlier, we first went to Kumbakonam for Masi Maham festival in the year 2017. Little did we know that time is that we are going to come back year after year to this beautiful temple town. 

The famous temples in Kumbakonam and many other things people don’t know about.

  • Kumbakonam is famous for “Navagraha temples” – a unique spiritual experience of visiting 9 planet gods in their individual houses.
  • Kumbakonam is famous for “108 Divya Desam” temples – of 108 Historic Vishnu temples, 40 temples are in chola region (trichy -tanjore- kumbakonam belt).
  • Kumbakonam is famous for “275 Devara Padal Petra Stalam” temples – Of 275 historic Lord Shiva Temples, 18 temples are in and around Kumbakonam town.
  • Kumbakonam is famous for one of the largest manufacturers of Temple brass and bronze items.
  • The Airavatesvara Temple built by Rajaraja Chola II (1146–73) during 12th century is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Brihadeeswara Temple at Thanjavur, the t Gangaikonda Cholapuram in Kumbakonam that are referred to as the Great Living Chola Temples (source – Wikipedia).
  • Less known famous thing about Kumbakonam is that they are known for their unique handloom weaving of silk sarees. “Thirubhuvanam” is the place to look for power looms and sarees are available for buying in all shops in the centre town.
  • The Flora and fauna of this town is very rich, thanks to the 3 rivers adorning the city, namely – Cauvery, Araslaru and Kollidam.
  • Needless to say, Kumbakonam is wide known for its degree coffee. Every sip is a bliss.

(Because I am a coffee lover, I wouldn’t miss a chance to try good coffee).

Other than the above mentioned list of  historic temples, there are hundreds of temples in and around the temples with equal beauty and architecture. First thing you notice in the temple town is the beauty of temples, small and big, in every corner of the streets. They are so big that it would even take some time to figure out the entrance to the temples. 

In and Around Temples in Kumbakonam – Must See temples list 

The following list of Kumbakonam famous temples are my most favorite and must see temples in Kumbakonam. I cannot give you the exact plan of where to start and where to end the temple trip. It is not practically possible actually. I can share my side of the story, hoping it would help you in planning your trip. 

Here is a small list of temples if you are on a time constraint and want to cover them in a day or two. They are within 10km radius and are most beautiful temples you must visit them once in your life. You could skip going to Navagraha temples altogether unless you specifically wanted to go for some horoscope reasons.

These are the most famous temples in Kumbakonam, lets see them category wise.


  • List of Lord Shiva Temples:


Let’s start with Lord Shiva temple for 2 reasons – they are open for darshan very early compared to Lord Vishnu Temples. 

Click on the individual temples to get the google map link.

  1. Kudamookku – Adi Kumabeswarar Temple – Padal Petra Stalam
  2. Sri Nageswarar temple -Padal Petra Stalam
  3. Sri Someswar temple – Padal Petra Stalam
  4. Kottaiyur Shivan Temple – Padal Petra Stalam 
  5. Kasi Vishwanathar Temple
  6. Abhi Mukheswarar Temple – Facing the Mahamaham tank
  7. Shri Airavatesvara TempleUNESCO Heritage


Little Distance From Center Town – Must visit famous Lord Shiva temples around Kumbakonam:

  1. Thirusakthimuttam Temple,Padal Petra Temple –  Padal Petra Stalam
  2. Gnanambiga Sametha Sri Thenupureeswarar Thirukovil – padal petra stalam
  3.  Pazhayarai Vadathali Temple,Padal Petra Temple -padal petra stalam
  4. Sri Garbarakshambigai Temple Thirukarukavur (for child birth) – padal petra stalam – Very beautiful Goddess Parvathi
  5. Thirunariyur Shiva Temple – padal petra stalam (Also visit nearby Shri Saneeswaran Temple – Sani Stalam)
  6. Thiruvanjiyam Arulmigu Vanchinadha Swamy ThirukovilLord Yama Statue
  7. Sri Naganatha Swami Temple (Raghu Stalam) – Padal Petra Temple – Majestic Temple famous for Afternoon pooja on sundays to Planet Raghu.
  8. Thirumanancheri Shiva Temple -Padal Petra Temple
  9. Sri Kampahareswar Temple – Tirubhuvanam – Majestic Very Beautiful temple.
  10. Sri Mahalingaswamy Temple Thiruvidaimaruthur – Padal Petra Temple
  11. Gangai Konda Cholapuram Thiru Brihadeswarar ThirukkovilUNESCO Heritage

Plus, Swamimalai Temple – Lord Murugan Temple

  • List of Lord Vishnu Temples:

These are the famous Lord Vishnu temples in the centre town Kumbakonam, all the following temples are connected with Mahamaham Festival.


  1. Chakrapani TempleVila Archanai which is usually performed to Lord Shiva is performed here for Lord Vishnu.
  2. Sarangapani templeLord Ranganathar residing on a big chariot mandap is the attraction here. And the temple is also breathtakingly huge.
  3.  Ramaswamy templeA Marvellous temple with intrinsic work of paintings depicting the Ramayanam.
  4.  Varahaperumal Temple
  5.  Rajagopalaswamy temple.


Little Distance From Center Town – Must visit famous Lord Vishnu temples around Kumbakonam:

These are the list of Divya Desam temples situated nearby from centre town Kumbakonam.

  1. Sri Oppiliappan Temple
  2. Arulmigu Thiruppullamboothangudi Valvill Ramar Temple
  3. Sri Aandu Alakkum Ayyan Perumal Temple
  4. Shri Srinivasa Perumal Temple / Nachiyar kovil
  5. Sri Saranathan Perumal Temple
  6. Sri Sowri Raja Perumal Temple
  7. Gajendra Varadar Temple
famous temple in Kumbakonam images
Lord Vishnu temple in Kumbakonam – Sarangapani Temple
famous temple in Kumbakonam images
Nachiyar Kovil – famous temples nearby Kumbakonam
Raod trip to Kumbakonam from Bangalore images
Aanaikarai Bridge In kumbakoanm

places to see in Kumbakonam
Beautiful Temple pond in Kumbakonam

Famous Temples around Kumbakonam – Other important Temples around town with little or more distances:

  • List of Lord Shiva Temples:
  1. Thirumetrali Shiva Temple – Bramha Nandeeswarar Temple (Broken Lord Shiva temple with big Square Sivalinga)
  2. Pasupatheeswarar Temple –padal petra stalam
  3. Thiru Nallur KalyanaSundareswarar temple – padal petra stalam
  4. Palaivana Nathar Temple,Padal Petra Temple – padal petra stalam
  5. Sri Sivapuranathar Temple -padal petra stalam
  6. Sakkottai Shiva Temple – Sri Amirthakalasanathar Temple (raghu Stalam) -padal petra stalam
  7. Maruthanallur ShivaTemple -padal petra stalam
  8. Sri Swarnapureeswarar Temple -Alagaputhur Shiva Temple – Padal Petra stalam
  9. Tirupandurai Shiva Temple – padal petra stalam
  10. Sri Sornapureeshwarar Temple, Andankoil – padal petra stalam
  11. Thiruvirumpoolai Shiva Temple (Guru Stalam) – Padal Petra stalam
  12. Kovilvenni Shiva Temple – Padal Petra stalam
  13. Arulmigu Sathurangam Vallavan Temple – padal petra stalam
  14. Shri Amirthanayagi Samedha Naganathaswamy Temple (Raghu Kethu Parikara temple) -Padal Petra stalam
  15. Sri Saraparameswarar Temple -padal petra stalam
  16. Thirunaalur Meignanam Sivan Temple -padal petra stalam
  17. Kudavasal Koneswaran Shiva temple – padal petra stalam
  18. Thirukollampudur Shiva Temple -padal petra stalam
  19. Narthanapureeswarar Temple, Thalaiyalangadu (Lord Natarajar)
  20. Manakal Ayyampettai – padal petra stalam
  21. Karaiveera nathar Shiva Temple — padal petra stalam
  22. Shri Suryanar Kovil – Suriyan Stalam
  23. Sri Vijayanathar Temple, Thiruvijayamangai -Padal Petra Temple
  24. Sri Vijayanathar Temple, Thiruvijayamangai,Padal Petra Temple
  25. Innambur Shiva Temple – Padal
  26. Sri Saatchinathar Temple, Thirupurambiyam
  27. Vilvaneshwarar Temple, Thiruvaikavur,Padal Petra Temple
  28. Vada Kurangaduthurai temple  – padal
  29. Thiruvisanallur Shiva Temple -PAdal
  30.  Sri Karkadeswarar Temple -padal
  31. Apath Sahayeswarar Temple (Siva Temple), Aduthurai – padal
  32. Thirukodeeswarar Temple, Tirukodikaval – padal 
  33. Thirukozhambam Shiva Temple,Padal Petra Temple
  34. Sri Shanbakaranyeshwarar Temple,Padal Petra Temple
  35. Thiruneelakkudi Shiva Temple – padal
  36. Shri Natarajar Temple, Konerirajapuram, padal
  37. Thiru Anniyur Shiva Temple, padal
  38. Karuveli Sarguna Natheswarar Temple, (very big temple pond)-  padal
  39. Thiruveezhimizhalai Shiva Temple (big temple) -padal
  40. Thirumarugal Shiva Temple
  41. Uthrapatheeshwaraswamy Temple, Thiruchengattangudi
  42. Nannilam Shiva Temple
  43. Thirukondeswaram Shiva Temple
  44. Thirupanaiyur Shiva Temple
  45. Thirupugalaur Vardhamaneswarar Temple


I am stopping the list at 45, I have covered list of important temples as far as I could go near Tiruvaiyaru and Mayiladuthurai and Thiruvarur routes. Some temples does not come under Kumbakonam Pincode, yet given the list because some are nearby temples.

Must Visit Famous Lord Shiva Temples around Kumbakonam Once in Lifetime:

  1. Gangai Konda Cholapuram Thiru Brihadeswarar Thirukkovil
  2.  Sri Kampahareswar Temple, Tirubhuvanam
  3. Sri Mayuranathar Temple – Mayiladuthurai
  4. Vaithiyanatha swamy temple (Sevvai Stalam) -Vaitheeswarankoil 
  5. Sirkazhi Shiva Temple – Sirkazhi
  6. Sri Abhirami Amirthakadeswarar Temple – Thirukadaiyur 
  7. Sri Dharbaranyeswara Swamy Temple (Saturn Temple) – Tirunallar
  8. Thiruvarur Shiva Temple – Thiruvarur
  9. Sri Aiyarappar Temple – Tiruvaiyaru
  10. Thanjavur Big Temple
  11. Thillai Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram

The above temple lists are the very popular Lord Shiva temples in the major districts around Kumbakonam. We have covered all the temples during our long bike trip in the year 2017 and 2018. 

Since the accommodation and food is satisfactory beyond expectation we stayed in Kumbakonam and travelled to the above mentioned places except Chidambaram. 

For Chidambaram temple, we stayed there itself, went sightseeing to Pichavaram Mangrove forest.

Nearby temples in Kumbakonam
Tanjai Temple – Travel From Kumbakonam in our long bike trip
Sightseeing places in Chidambaram - nearby visiting places in Kumbakonam
Pichavaram Mangrove Forest tour

How We Covered Many Temples in a Day:

Though we had stayed for more than a week in Kumbakonam in our 11 days long trip in 2017, we had crazy plans to cover as many temples we could in a day possible. 

Since we had plans to travel to nearby towns like Sirkazhi, Mayavaram, Thanjavur, Thiruvaiyaru, Mannargudi, Trichy etc.for the other famous temples in those 1 week, we covered as many temples as we could.

South India Travel blogger - road trip bike images
Our Ride From Bangalore to Kumbakonam in the year 2017 and 2018 – Proudest Road trip ever

We covered many temples as we could because of the following 2 reasons

  • We raised early, we were in the temple for the first pooja. We visited temples until their closing time 12 noon. Needless to worry about the food, as you will get plenty of good choices along the way. Also, Lord shiva temples are open for darshan as early as 6am, but Lord Vishnu temples are open early but early morning darshan time varies depending on the temple. Sometimes you would have to wait until 8 am. So to be smart, we first visited Shiva temples, then after breakfast went to darshan Vishnu temples.
  • We went in Bike, and it’s just the two of us. Both our energy level matched and we loved every single day of non-stop travelling and visiting temples. We had a tank bag where we kept our SLR, mobiles, chargers, power banks and water bottles to keep the trip plan smooth. We never in a day deviated from our plan, thanks to my 10 days of research and planning.

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