7 Things Kumbakonam Is Famous For That You Didn’t Know About

Most of us know Kumbakonam is famous for temples (mostly Navagraha temples trips). I did too. Until we went to Kumbakonam on Mahamaham festival, fell in love with this “temple town” immediately. So we came back the same year, not just 1 or 2 day, we spent more than a week here in our 11-days bike trip from Bangalore. 

We rode bike everyday among the rice fields, watched villagers hunt for crabs in the rice fields, mesmerized at the beauty of the Lilly ponds all over the town, watched sunset sitting in the Mahamaham tank after a cup of ginger tea from a famous tea shop. And made hundreds of memories clicking pics all over the town, including the most famous UNESCO Darasuram Temple.

Also did you know Kumbakonam is also famous for “power looms” making  coir mat and silk sarees. These silk sarees prices start from 2000 INR to 6000 INR and are different from Kancheepuram silk sarees.

Kumbakonam is the one and only place exports brass items to the other countries because the quality is so reliable here. Did you know that brass items are famous here, most of the temple idols, those huge temple bells and all kinds of pooja items are manufactured and shipped in mass quantity. You can also buy all kinds of pooja items for home and temple here in bulk or in retail.

#1. Kumbakonam Is Famous for Degree Coffee

The temple town is also famous for its aromatic coffee, served usually in Bronze cups or a silver ones like this. Me and my hubby used to travel 10kms from centre town to “Only coffee” restaurant, where we liked to have our first cup coffee and breakfast. 

Also it is house for many good South Indian restaurants.

I want to share about one restaurant we absolutely enjoyed eating all times a day, called “Only Coffee” restaurant.

We have fallen in love with its ambiance, cleanliness and the friendly staffs. You will get all kinds of vegetarian breakfast food items with any sweet of the day. And for lunch, complete meals thali served in banana leaves. Awesome the experience was. If I am to go back to Kumbakonam, the best place I would choose to eat and hangout would be “only Coffee”.  Although, their other branch is in main town Kumbakonam, we love to go quite far enjoying the scenery along the way.

We also enjoyed good quality of snacks everyday with ginger tea (must try) near to the Mahamaham tank in Balaji tea shop. You should try Chukku kaapi, also famous here.

Kumbakonam Famous Coffee images
Kumbakonam Famous Degree Coffee

Kumbakonam Famous  degree coffee

#2. The One and Only Murari Sweets’ Dry Jamun and Ajmeer cake

Everyone knows Kumbakonam is famous for degree coffee. But did you know that one particular sweet shop, called “murari sweets” gained popularity for their unique dry jamuns and ajmeer cake?

To know more about why they are famous and what are the other best places to eat in Kumbakonam, Click here.

#3. Surprisingly, its house for Handlooms of Silk Sarees and Mats

I am sure not many people knows this. Kumbakonam is also known for its unique weaving of silk sarees, resembles the weaving of kanchipuram. I am no expert per se. Just like Sirumugai, only small community of people are making handloom sarees in town with the selling cost ranging from 2000 onwards. And found this article on internet to give you more information on Kumbakonam a.k.a Tirubhuvanam Silk Sarees.

#4. House for the World’s Largest Brass and Copper item Manufacturers

If you are looking for a best shop to buy pooja items for home, I suggest shop in Kumbakonam for best quality products. We bought a copper container with capacity of 5l to store water. It is widely known health factor that water stored in Copper for more than 12 hrs found to have good properties for health. So bought one for 2000 rupees.

It is worth the price compared to the 1l water bottles are being sold in market for half that price. I found this shop after lots of research, the established shop exports brass and copper to countries all over the world (mostly for the new temples built).

The shop name is S. Sundaravadivel and Company, in address No: 10/29, Pettai K.V West Street, Valayapettai Agraharam, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu 612001. (I am promoting the shop, just so happy with the huge collections for the price compared to the other stores we have researched).


Kumbakonam shopping for temple pooja items
credit istock photos


#5. Kumbakonam is Famous for Green Skirts all over the town

I am a Nature lover, I have experienced vast lands, landscapes, wide scenery parks in my travel around India, outskirts of London, Scotland etc., But, Kumbakonam stole my heart with the endless rich agri land and lush green skirts as far as my eyes could see. 

Kumbakonam is Famous for images
Kumbakonam scenic view – feast for the eyes, green fields all over the town

If you are an early riser like me, I am sure you would love morning sunrise in this calm colourful town. I don’t know what time the house ladies had to wake up to draw such beautiful art rangolis in front of their houses. Ah, What a sight. Even though I grew up in small town, I never had seen entire town bathed in colours. Definitely I am coming back for Ms/Mrs. Rangoli.

#6. Kumbakonam town decorated with Lily Ponds and Rivers – Connecting People and culture

You may have seen many lakes and ponds where you live and travel. I am living in one such city, Bangalore, a city full of thousands of lakes. But, in Kumbakonam you could see thousands of lily ponds in and around the town. Beauty Untouched.

Kumbakonam photography
Kumbakonam lily Ponds
Rivers in Kumbakonam, kumbakonam images, kumbakonam photography
Kumbakonam River
#7. Kumbakonam is Famous for Cheap Stay and Good transport to other cities

Hotel rates are very moderate even during peak season time, from my two time year end road trip (11 days long ) experience in the years 2017 and 2018. Also in the month of March 2017, during Mahamaham Festival, we stayed in Poppys SET Residency, which was by far the best compare to our December stay in various hotels. Well, you might find the bookings are full during the season time but the rates remain moderate.

Kumbakonam is the best choice for anyone planning for long vacation without hurting the pocket and take tour of other nearby cities. Rooms in cities like Trichy, Tanjore, Chidambaram are costlier with limited choices so it is best to travel from Kumbakonam.

Also, you have one of the best NH roads connecting from Kumbakonam and there are plenty of TNPSC and private buses connecting places in and far around the center town Kumbakonam.

Anytime I am planning for a trip to any of these cities, I am coming back to stay only in Kumbakonam.

GangaiKondaCholapuram, UNESCO Heritage site, Kumbakonam
View of GangaiKondaCholapuram, UNESCO Heritage site

Of all the temples I have visited, of all the temples I have marvelled in and around Kumbakonam, one temple holds very special place in my memory ie. Tirubuvanam. I am definitely re-visiting this place not only for this marvellous temple, but also to explore the famous handloom silk sarees.

Kumbakonam Famous temple images, kumbakonam temple photography
Kampahareswarar Temple, Tirubuvanam


Mannargudi Temple Elephant, Kumbakonam temple images, kumbakonam famous images
The Cute Temple Elephant – in Our trip From Kumbakonam to Rajagopalaswamy Temple, Mannargudi

I suggest you to visit Kumbakonam by own vehicle instead of public transport, so you could see what I have fallen love with. Kumbakonam is the perfect getaway place for family vacation, Holy trip, nature loving couples and lovers, with many hangout places like UNESCO heritage sites, theaters, water dams, riverside lush green picnic spots, eat-outs and restaurants. 

Sum Up :

Not just MahaMaham Festival but Kumbakonam is also Famous for DivyaDesams, Padal Petra Stalams and Navagraha Temples.

We have been to Mahamaham festival in Kumbakonam in the year 2017, in the month of March. It is famous festival celebrated every year, and we were blessed to visit MahaKumbeswar temple at that time.

Little did we know at that time that Kumbakonam is also a house for some of 108 Divya Desam temples and Padal petra Sivan temples.

In our following 11 -day road trip to Kumbakonam, we made note of all the above mentioned temples including Navagraha temples – we visited all the temples in and around the town. No Kidding.

As much as I love nature, I am fond of temple architecture. That’s one of the reason we chose our long vacation in Kumbakonam, because its called “Temple Town”. In our 2 yrs of travel together, we have been to many famous temples, UNESCO Heritage Sites, Hoysala Architecture etc.,

Kumbakonam temples are breathtakingly beautiful. One must visit to witness what we have fallen in love with, that Kumbakonam is famous for not just temples.


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