The Best Non Veg Restaurants Nearby My Home and Office in Bangalore – The list Where We Eat Regularly

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I have a handful of our favorite best non veg restaurants nearby my home and office to list here- where we prefer to dine in or takeaway all the time. Almost all the restaurants are 5 mins ride either from our home or our office location. Otherwise also they are just 30 mins waiting time away when we are ordering in Swiggy or Food panda or Ubereats or Zomato. 

The Non Veg Restaurants Nearby Bannerghatta Road and JP Nagar Bangalore – Our Favorite List:

Abhiruchi Andhra Style Restaurant :

A Small Andhra style non veg restaurants nearby home, situated just opposite to the Royal Meenakshi Mall. Love to take away Mutton Biryani for the taste and quantity (serves 2) and their very tasty pepper chicken roast. It is the best place for eating andhra style unlimited meals and boneless chicken biryani. Next to the Meghana boneless chicken biryani, we like the taste here. 

Find the location –


Check – post – Mangalore Style Restaurant:

It used to be our all time favourite situated near our office, now we don’t like it much here as they don’t have consistency in taste and quality. They are famous for many combos varieties for lunch and mangalore style non-veg dishes with the aroma of coconut oil. We used to go regularly here for evening pakoras, coffee and tea. And for morning Idiyappam, puttu and kadala kari. I still like to take away their donne biryani, nattu kozhi fry and chicken roast. Their seasonal fruit juices and faloodas are must try here. They have both self service and alacat service.

Find the location –

Compared to the above two, here comes the list of our all time favorite non veg restaurants nearby home and office.

Shanghai Court -Chinese Restaurant :

We are one of the regular customers since the time they recently opened. Our all time favourite chinese restaurant to dine in and to order take away from both our office and home. Location –

Since almost all the weekend we eat here, I have quite a list of favourite food list to share here-

  1. Veg Manchow soup (Didn’t like the chicken version)
  2. Burnt Pepper chicken
  3. Momos -steamed and fried
  4. Egg fried rice (99 % this is our main course)
  5. Chicken Koithio (Next best main course)
  6. Veg Hakka Noodles (nest best main course)
  7. Pepper Mushroom manchurian – one of the best
the best non veg restaurtant images bangalore
Soup and Starters from Shanghai Court Bannerughatta road
Food images Shanghai Court Bannerughatta road
Soup and Starters from Shanghai Court Bannerughatta road
Shanghai Court Bannerughatta road_best non veg chinese hotel
Soups and Starters from Shanghai Court Bannerughatta road
Food images from Shanghai Court Bannerughatta road
Favourtie Momos from Shanghai Court
Food images from Shanghai Court - all time favourite chinese restaurants in Bangalore
Soups and Starters From Shanghai Court

Chavadi – A trendy Restaurant:

A trendy restaurant with indian lamps and rustic furniture, surrounded by potted plants – one of our all time favourite restaurants to dine-in. Especially dinners. Spending the weekend evening, listening to music and eating Veggie overload pizza is our favourite thing to do here. Location –

Chavadi restaurant - trendy restaurant for fusion dishes
Inside Chavadi Restaurant
best non veg restaurant in bangalore_chavadi in bannerughatta road
Nachos_Chavadi in Bannerughatta road
Chavadi restaurant images
Food Images From Chavadi
Chavadi_best non veg restaurant in bangalore beannerughatta road
veggie Overlaod Pizza From Chavadi

Oye Amristar – Punjabi Style Restaurant:

A recent addition to the list of non veg restaurants nearby office, for its good quality and quantity Punjabi style restaurant in JP nagar Bangalore. Masala papad, Phulkas, Rotis, Aloo stuffed parathas, Paneer based gravy, bhindi fry, tandoor chicken, mutton biryani (serves 2), are some of our all time favourite here. Somehow we didn’t quite like their jal jeera and buttermilk, but their curd quality is amazing.

Location –

Mutton Biryani From Oye Amritsar_best non veg restaurant punjabi style in JP nagar banagalore
Mutton Biryani From Oye Amritsar_JP nagar
Mutton Biryani From Oye Amritsar_best non veg restaurant punjabi style in JP nagar banagalore
Chicken Kebab From Oye Amritsar
Mutton Biryani From Oye Amritsar_best non veg restaurant punjabi style in JP nagar banagalore
Masala Papad from Oye Amritsar

Barbeque Nation – Unlimited Non Veg and Veg Buffet :

This place is all time crowded for their unlimited veg and non- veg starters, main course, ice cream, kulfis and cakes. In a year we hardly go twice or thrice here, when we are really in the mood for non-veg feast. We love the food quality and service here with really nice ambiance and friendly staff.  Since this is “eat all you want” type restaurant, seats are available on pre-booking only. 

Location –


Unlimted non veg restaurant in JP nagar bangalore_Barbeque nation images
Sweets buffet from Barbeque nation JP nagar Bangalore

Nagarjuna Restaurant – Andhra Style Restaurant :

The only place we order in meals to Home is Nagarjuna restaurant. Nagarjuna is our next door neighbour in our office location, we prefer to eat here for their quality vegetarian meals, andhra style. When we are at home, a lazy weekend with no travel plans and office plans, we like to order in meals from here. This is best place if you are looking for South Indian style veg thali restaurants in Bannerughatta road.

Location –


Andhra Meals in Nagarjuna Restaurant_travelduo images
Andhra Meals in Nagarjuna Restaurant

Onesta – Unlimted Pizza House:

Next to Chavadi, our other favourite stop for pizzas is “Onesta”. A house for a variety of pizzas and pastas, with best ambiance, friendly staff and good music. And above all they have “unlimited pizza” option for nominal price, with free coke and a dessert. 

Location –

Onesta Unlimited Pizza_travelduo photography
Onesta Unlimited Pizza
Onesta in JP nagar_travelduo images
Onesta Complimentary Desser choices
Onesta_travelduo images
Onesta Garlic breads

Thalappakatti Biryani – Authentic TamilNadu Biryani:

Hubby like to order in from this world famous restaurant for its authentic biryani cooked in jeera rice. The smell says it all. It is the only best non veg restaurant for mutton biryani, no other restaurant can take its place. Since it is located quite far from our home and office location, we order in most of the times and also to avoid the endless que in all days. This restaurant has many branches, we always go to one in HSR layout. Travelling little far for good food is new to us, like this one time we rode bike for 50 mins to eat this breakfast combo.

Thalapakkatti Biryani, HSR layout_travelduo images
Starters in Thalapakkatti Biryani, HSR layout

Anjappar Restaurant – Authentic TamilNadu Style :

Next to Thalapakkatti hotel, this Anjappar restaurant in Koramangala is our all time favourite, we like to go there for favorable biryani, the unlimited South Indian meals, tandoori chicken and parotta with natti soup. Whenever we are planning to go shopping to Oasis Centre, Sony Signal Koramangala, we prefer to eat lunch here. Now we have a branch located nearby our home, we don’t have to travel far. We love all their veg and non-veg varieties here. We also like their idiyappam, paniyaram, kal dosa with non-veg gravies to go with it. Plain parottas and kothu parotta are also our favourites. 

Of those two branches, Koramangala food and service is mcuch better, find the link here –

KFC and McDonalds – Food Joints:

We have McDonald’s near our home and KFC near our office. Depends on our working location, we like to go for quick bites in any of these fast food joints. Also I have these two joints available in Royal Meenakshi Mall, Bannerghatta road.

KFC Bannerghatta road location –

KFC food joint Bannerughatta road
KFC food joint nearby Office, Bannerughatta road


All the above listed are non veg restaurants nearby my home and office in Bannerghatta road and JP Nagar. All the restaurants except “Chavadi” has many other branches through out Bangalore and in India. You can google to find out the nearest location feasible for you. Eventhough they are listed as non veg restaurant choices, they do serve vegetarian dishes. if you are looking for pure vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore, then this list is not for you. If you are looking for places to eat street food in Bangalore, here is the best place.


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