Art of Living Ashram In Bangalore (How to Visit the Bangalore ashram in detail).

Sri Sri Ravishankar Ashram in Bangalore is the headquarters of Art of Living Foundation located in more than 156 countries. The interested individuals can learn the “Art of Living” programs (scroll down to know more details) under the certified professionals all over the world, or can learn the Art of Living in Bangalore ashram directly. It is an international center open for all the national and international participants with the in-house accommodation and food for the entire duration.

AOL Bangalore ashram is open for the visitors to explore, learn, meditate and spend time on all days.

(Note: Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore Ashram, Sri Sri Ravishankar Ashram, Art of Living International Center are all the same).

We always travel past the Sri Sri Ravishankar ashram in Bangalore on all our bike trips via Kanakapura road, but never have set foot inside. We decided to explore when we were coming back from coffee from rasta cafe, when we still had half a day left to end the weekend. 

This is the guide for someone looking to just visit or learn the courses of Art of Living In Bangalore Ashram – International Centre, Kanakapura Road.

Art of Living in Bangalore Ashram – Location:

Bangalore ashram – the International Centre is located in Kanakapura road, closer to Bannerghatta road and Banashankari. 

Use this map location for navigation –

The Art of Living International Centre

21st Km Kanakapura Road


Tel: +91-80-28427060


A guide to – Entrance Fee, Parking, Help Desk and Bus tour:-

  • Paid parking facilities are available adjacent to the main gate
  • Parking are crowded on the weekends/ festive seasons
  • No vehicles are allowed beyond the entry desk at the security
  • Park your vehicles, walk to the help desk for any assistance
  • Free entry for the visitors at all times, but prior online booking is a must for attending any events. Current bookings are not allowed
  • Bus tours are available at 11 to 12 and 2 to 3 pm everyday
  • There is a coffee shop available next to the help desk for a quick refreshment
  • Also there is organic vegetable shop here

Note: If you are a AOL program participant you will be registering at the security gate with a valid id and an entry coupon. If you are a AOL course participant – national or international, you will be arriving one day before for the Art of Living in Bangalore ashram, for check-in and accommodation.


Vishalakshi Mandap:-

The main attraction of Ravishankar Ashram International centre Bangalore is the weekend satsang and yoga courses offered here on time to time basis. It is open for all the local and international participants. All the major events and evening satsang takes place in this huge thousand petal lotus mandap located about 1 mile walk from the main gate.

You can walk straight to this Vishalakshi Mandap or take time to explore all the area. 

How to Spend a day at Sri Sri Ravishankar Ashram in Bangalore:

  1. Opposite to the help desk, there is Nakshatra vanam – trees planted corresponding to zodiac signs and the planets. A peaceful place to hangout or for a walk.
  2. From the main gate, located in 200m is Guru Paduka Vanam / sumeru mandap – it is built to accommodate vast gatherings on Navarathri Pooja, Sri Sri Ravishankar’s birthday celebration etc., A nice place to hangout with the view of ducks in the water pond in the centre. 
  3. Cafe Vishala and Children Play area –  Try out some of the freshly baked breads with coffee here. You will also get good healthy satvik food for reasonable prices. We had cinnamon bread and coffee while we were there. Children play area is located right next to the cafe and also don’t miss out the organic garden view from the cafe.
  4. Shop for adulteration free organic products and groceries in Sattva stores. 
  5. Shop in Madhurya – for all the handcrafted products, pooja items, wall hangings, cotton weaves etc.,

How to Participate in the “Art of Living” program:-

There are lots of programs designed for the wellness of children and adults of all ages. For those who are interested to attend the programs are required to register first in the following link, then book the available seats. 

Visit for the Ravishankar ashram courses –

Take a look at the screenshot on the fields required to be entered for the registration online.

If you want to know more about the courses in detail, visit this website

Also, for the national and international guests, there are good accommodation facilities with laundry services. 

Walk Walk Walk:-

We walked about 3 kms in those 2 hrs spent looking only for the places mentioned above. Next time we are planning to take a guided tour to look at the panchakarma ayurvedic centre, goshala, yagyashala with lake view, pathshala, guest accommodation facilities etc., And Sri ma annapoorna hall where more than 20000 meals served in a day. The best time to visit the bangalore ashram is around 1.30pm, take the guided tour by 2 to 3 pm, take a break at the cafe for some time before you attend an evening program in the lotus mandap. 

If you want to know more about learning the Art of Living in Bangalore ashram, visit their Bangalore ashram website –

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