A day trip from Bangalore to Kolar, and Eating Chinese sizzlers in Highway star is Our favourite thing to do

Restaurant in Kolar Highways, Highway Star

Highway Star,The best place to eat in Kolar highway, if you are on long travel from Bangalore to Tirupati or a short day trip from Bangalore to Kolar KGF.

Kolar (a state in Karnataka) is famous for its Gold Mines also called Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) and are also a perfect destination for temple trips and for an adventurous road trip.

Kolar is situated in Bangalore -Tirupati highways, a little before Mulbagal. The distance from Bangalore to Kolar is just 85 km from my home. So, Kolar is always in our favourite list of weekend getaway from Bangalore.

Me and hubby experienced Kolar for the first time when we went on a temple trip by bike in the year 2016. Since then we have been frequent travellers from Bangalore to Kolar by bike.

Any place less than 100 km we are good to go for a single day trip by bike.

Even if the distance is more than 200 km, we are happy to ride in sun and moon, provided we have pre-booked an accommodation in our destination.

We have had so many adventures in the past two years, which I am planning to write in this travel blog soon.

In our frequent travels to Kolar, we have been to the famous Kolaramma Temple, Kotilingeshwara Temple, Someshwara Temple, Chikka Tirupathi and AntaraGange.

All were pleasant experiences.

Of all the places we have been, Antaragange in Kolar was adventurous as we climbed 100+ steps to worship Lord Siva on the hill. Climate in Kolar is not too hot even in the beginning of summer, February. 

Our Love for eating Chinese Sizzlers in Highway Star, Kolar

In one of our recent frequent trip to Kolar, we found “Highway Star” using google maps. We were searching for food joints like McDonalds or Dominos in Kolar highways. That day we had late breakfast in Bangalore before we started to Kolar, so we were looking for some quick bite in the late afternoon.

It’s a rare combination that we get to relax in good ambience when we are out to travel. It could write 100 articles on how many times we had pathetic food in our travel experiences. 

Thankfully, we found the best place to eat in Kolar highways.

That is when we had our first Chinese sizzlers outside Bangalore, Veg Manchurian with fried rice which was an awesome combo. Also we had Malay veg noodles with french fries and cola from McDonalds.  So, Since then “highway star” has been our favourite pit stop in Kolar, Karnataka.

We located Highway star in between Kolar and Mulbagal in the Tirupati Highways, situated in vast area with huge vehicle parking space. We were happy because we found many restaurant choices in one place with a classy ambience for recreation. It has all the facilities that any travellers could ask for. It has restroom and shower facilities with wheelchair access, Car wash and repair, Kids play area with rabbits and love birds.

Highway Star is not only the perfect recreation centre for travellers, but also for families and college kids to hangout in weekend.

The name of restaurants in Highway Star, Kolar

  1. Fujian Express – For Chinese food
  2. McDonald’s
  3. Domino’s Pizza
  4. Maaya’s Restaurant -pure veg
  5. Nagas Restaurant -Andhra style veg and non-veg
  6. Juice Junction – all kinds of juices and smoothies
  7. Baskin Robbins -for ice creams

Other restaurants in Kolar Highways are

  1. Vasudev Adigas – just opposite to Highway Star
  2. Cafe coffee day – near to Vasudev adigas.

So next time when you are travelling to Kolar, you know where to stop for food and relaxation.

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  1. Thank you very much .. Really happy you liked the place .. we are getting a Starbucks soon . Schmitten chocolates and Shell fuel station is already open ..

    May if you travel in September we will also have rooms ready and you stay in the comfort of a 4 star room and explore more of Kolar or just unwind !

    1. Thats great. we would love to check out your new additions in our next trip soon.. 🙂

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