7 Articles on Trekking in Coorg (and some more from famous travel bloggers )

We are just back from 4 days bike trip to Coorg from Bangalore, starting from 1st November to 4th November 2018. Travelling to any new destinations, we both invest some time to know the places, temple histories (I have this thing for temple architectures), places to see around, good restaurants and good accommodations. So, I have compiled all the blog articles that I read which talk about Coorg travel, Trekking in Coorg, Homestays, Coffee plantation experiences and much more. And I shared my travel experience in Madikeri Coorg, at the end of this article.

Part I: 7 Real life traveller’s experience on Trekking in Coorg

This author has written general guidance about -1. Tadiandamol trek 2. Bramagiri Trek 3. Galibeedu Trek and the best season to travel. Wish he had written more about the trekking in Coorg and added few more pics to narrate the experience. Not much you can learn from his article, so let’s move on to the next one.

This is an interesting travel article where every bit of trek to Tadiandamol, Coorg is explained. I loved the way the author narrated her story from start to end of the trek with a group of 15 members. She narrated that how she had a difficult time trekking without proper shoes, lack of water and food supply and unforgettable experience when the team saw a snake in the trails. It was quite an article with many pics. But, no much information on where she camped (if any), transportation and accommodation details. All I learnt from her article is I would need good supportive shoes, food and water supply and team coordination as I might get split up on the way up. So, overall this article is helpful for travellers interested in Coorg one day trip.

This article caught my interest because the author travelled by bike to Coorg from Bangalore, and shared his both bike ride and trek experience to mandalapatti. Our extensive Bike ride experiences have taught us many lessons – one of them is “be prepared for any sudden deviation in the plan at any point in time”. I was not surprised when the author mentioned that they could not go trek on the planned day due to bike ride delay. It is an interesting article to see his pics of his bike and camping and trekking in Coorg.

This is another useful and descriptive article on one-day trekking in Coorg from Bangalore. If you are looking for a guide on one-day trek guide to tadiandamol from Bangalore, this article explains it all. From her trek experience I understood, they returned on the same day to Bangalore – so accommodation details provided. She has carried her food and water supply, so no complaints on those. Overall it seems to be a pleasant experience. Pics say it all.

Yet another descriptive article on one day trek to Tadiandamol, Coorg from Bangalore. I liked the way the author first experienced trekking in rain and kayaking. And her trip ended at Golden temple in Nisargadama. In her words, it is “soul-satisfying experience”. If you are looking for a one-day trek in Coorg or planning to book one-day trekking to Coorg via Thrillophilia, this article would be useful. And useful for travellers looking for Coorg one day trip from bangalore, especially for trekking plans.

Even though the author has not gone any trekking in her Coorg trip, I listed this article for the information, “do’s and dont’s” from her 3 days and 2 nights travel plan. She has covered Mysore and Coorg in 3 days, spending 12k on budget. Overall, this is a very useful article for someone who is planning to couple 2 places (Mysore and Coorg) in one trip and how you can make maximum out of the trip sightseeing many places. Like her, we too did stay in Mysore on day-1, roamed around the cleanest city in the evening, headed to Coorg on day-2. If you are looking for one day trip to Coorg from Mysore, I would suggest following this article, pick the places from her article which would fit your plan (Just saying 🙂 )

The last article but it is the best article among all the listed above. Author has captured some breathtaking pics in his trekking to Nishani Motte, Coorg and shared his 2 days homestay and trekking experience in Coorg. You can follow his article if you are planning to go trek to Nishani Motte, I would too in future inspired his very own words in the article “If you want to  experience wilderness in its rawest form, trails which are crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, fulfilling, leading to the most amazing views and experiences, Nishani Motte gives you that Thrilling Experience ! !”. Am sure you would fall in love with his words and photography.

Part II: Homestay and Travel Experiences in Coorg

Dev, a solo blogger has written about his travel experience in Kabbinakad, Coorg, 30kms from Madikeri. I absolutely loved the way he has written about Homestay experience, Coorg nature, birdwatching, trekking and coffee plantation. He also has shared some tips for readers who are planning for travel to Kabbinakad, Coorg. I personally loved this article, the way the author had a good time, making me want to go Kabbinakad badly. Next time, definitely next time.

This blogger has written about all the fun activities one could do while staying in Coorg, including Puthari Festival celebrated towards the end of the year. If you are looking for the list of activities and sightseeing places in Coorg, this article is very descriptive and useful. This is also a useful guide for travellers to explore Coorg places in one day.

Rachel Jones, an American blogger has good experience travelling India and has written a detailed article “ 11 Kick-ass things to do in Coorg” and I absolutely loved reading it. During her stay in Coorg, she has tried all the activities from trekking to Tadiandamol to eating in Bylakuppe Tibetian restaurant to exploring coffee plantations to you name it all, she has done it and makes me jealous with all the pics she shared. Make sure to check her article, you nomads.

A well-written article about homestays, activities you could do in Coorg for first-time travellers. He has even shared contact numbers for the Homestay he stayed in Coorg and shared all the wildlife experience in detail. Good one, I liked all those butterfly and animals pic.

Once again a very descriptive article on Coorg stay and activities with additional information on the history of the places he has explored. Also, he has compared Coorg with all the other places he has travelled, sure he had travelled a lot and knows more about history and architectures. A very lengthy article, much patience required, but a useful one.

Yet another descriptive article on Coorg stay, travel experiences and much more with google maps, homestay details and lots of pics of the places he has visited. A very lengthy article indeed.

Part III: Famous travel bloggers articles on Coorg

I adore this author and admire her guts who has been solo travelling the world since 2006. She is not a regular traveller who does regular things as many other thousands do. She is unique in choosing the places and has a different view in writing her experiences. I am her follower, click the above link to read her experience in Coorg.

  • Lakshmi Sharath – She has few articles written on Coorg stay, following are the links
  1. https://lakshmisharath.com/coorg-diaries-day-one-continued-3/
  2. https://lakshmisharath.com/head-to-kutta-in-coorg-this-monsoons/
  3. https://lakshmisharath.com/skywatch-friday-sunset-coorg/

The very short and simple article shared by famous travel blogger Mridula Trivedi, sharing her travel memories from Talakaveri to Coorg.

If you are planning for one-day trekking to Coorg or few days vacations to Coorg, all the above articles will provide you with some useful information. If I have missed something and you think some articles might interest the public, feel free to share in the comment box below.


Part IV: Conclusion – My experience in Coorg

Since 2016, travelling to Coorg has been in our bucket list and had plans to travel there by bus. Now that we are super confident with numerous bike trips in 2017,  we decided to travel to Coorg by motorbike itself. We can easily ride 200kms to 250kms in a day, anything more distance needs careful planning and scheduling the trip. Once we have covered the 410kms distance in one day, from Bangalore to Kumbakonam TamilNadu, reaching the distance in midnight only exhausted and worn out. Never repeated the same mistake to date. So, this time we decided to stay in Mysore, take rest and head to Coorg next day. This is how we spent our 4 days of a bike ride to Madikeri, Coorg.

Day 1: Travel 150kms from Home, Bangalore to Mysuru, stay the night and relax.

Day 2: From Mysuru to Dubare Elephant Camp, Cover Tibetian temple and have lunch in Cauvery Nisargadama. Finally, reach Madikeri, Coorg, stay at Coorg International Hotel.

Day 3:  Sightseeing in Coorg

Day 4: Return to Bangalore from Coorg

My 2 days Travel Plan in Madikeri, Coorg:

Some people travel for adventure, some travel to experience the place and culture, some travel for passion and make living, some travel to relax and get away from regular life, some travel for creating memories and experiences –We travel so we could ride the motorbike to the destinations and cherish the whole experience.

So our prime aim is to ride a bike and enjoy the experience on different roads riding to different places.

Also, a disadvantage with riding a bike for such long hours is that we cannot do any sports activities or any physical activities which demand more energy (unless we choose to stay in one place for a very long time). That’s the reason even though I read all the articles and collated all the info, we did not plan to go trekking in Coorg.

All we do is relax at the end of a bike ride, and head to explore the city where we stay.

Mostly we go sightseeing the famous places and chill in restaurants, eat the local cuisine and enjoy the vacation.

So with that clarity, we planned one and only activity apart from our regular leisure and sightseeing activity – Spend time with Elephants in Dubare Elephant Camp. It did not go well as we planned, read my travel disappointment story in Dubare elephant camp here

In the above link, I have given some very detail you need to know about Dubare elephant camp activities, timings, entry fee and rafting.

Disappointment aside, we had a good time – visiting Namdroling Monastery Golden Temple (also Cauvery Nisargadama), riding around the places near Madikeri (mainly Raja’s seat and Abbey falls), enjoying local food and coffee, clicking lots of pics and making memories. Here are the pics.

Cauvery Nisargadama, Namdroling Monastery Golden Temple
Tibetian Golden Temple in Nisargadama
Tibetian temple coorg, Namdroling Monastery Golden Temple, Cauvery Nisargadama temple
No entry fee to this Tibetian monk temple in Nisargadama Coorg, spend all the time you can here
Places to see in Coorg, One day trip to coorg from mysore, One day trip to coorg from bangalore, ride in coorg, sightseeing in coorg
View from Top – Scenic Coorg
Abbey falls coorg, trek to abbey falls, abbey falls trails, abbey falls safe for adults and elders
Abbey falls Coorg
Abbey falls coorg, trek to abbey falls, abbey falls trails, abbey falls safe for adults and elders
Abbey falls Madikeri – Visitors are restricted to enter the pond area and not allowed to play in falls
Abbey falls
Tibetian golden temple, Nisargadama

And neither did we buy Coorg spices nor Coorg coffee because we are limited by luggage space, would love to buy some in our next trip. We use travel “Saddle Bags” like in the pic below and tank bag – so we can travel freely without any pain of carrying backpacks the whole time. This is the best pic I could find in my gallery, will upload a good pic soon. Also, I will share you the Amazon link for good view and price if you have the plan to buy any.

Motorbike saddle bags, saddle bags for bike trip, travel bags and accessories
Our Motorbike Saddle Bag

Now you can plan for Coorg places to visit in one day or two days with the help of the above article links.

If you are from Mysore, or you think you could couple yet another place in your Mysore trip, I would recommend Nisargadama and Coorg are the places to visit near Mysore for one day trip.

We are planning a trip exclusively for trekking in Coorg, will soon write my experiences here. Meantime, share your pics (social media links) and write your experiences about your travel to Coorg in the comment box below.

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