5 Reasons why Yercaud is the best travel place for Fitness Lovers

Yercaud is one of the best place for fitness travellers, with plenty of options for trekking, mountain climbing, kayaking, biking, jogging and walking.

Travel alone or with family, finding time for fitness is one of the hardest thing to do on vacation. Especially when your body begs you to stay in hotel bed after that long journey, or rejuvenate in an exfoliating spa, or relax in a lounge chair under warm sun, or enjoy a cocktail looking at the sunset far from the cottage – we always end our day guilty of not being active. Not to mention the unlimited buffet breakfast awaiting you to wake up the next morning.

So I bring the readers 5 fun outdoor activities to do which is as good as intense workout in the gym.

  1. Go for Play or Run in Anna park -the best place for fitness activity in central Yercaud

yercaud best place for fitness lovers

Staying in shape during vacations is a big challenge especially if you are travelling with kids. Also it is close to impossible to stay fit if your hotel doesn’t have any gym facilities. Even though your kids make you run behind them whole day, it is for sure quite a deviation from your regular vigorous workout. You could plan fun activities in Anna park with kids located in centre Yercaud, or simply go for jogging/walking around the park. Take advantage of that pure oxygen rich air in entire Yercaud situated few thousand feet above the ground.

Note – You would also enjoy flower show in Yercaud Botanical garden and Rose garden in summer. Also, Deer park is another tourist destination for fun activities with kids and photography.

  1. Go Boating in Emerald Lake

Emerald lake or Yercaud lake is the major tourist attraction in this mountain clad vacation spot. Boating in Yercaud lake is not only refreshing but also great way to work those muscles for 1 full hour. You will enjoy the picturesque water body surrounded by gardens and teak woods.

Boating in Yercaud Lake for Fitness


  1. Go trekking to lady’s seat, Servarayan Hills, and many other choices 

Yercaud has developed recently as one of the major trekking destinations. Yercaud lake is surrounded by mountains with dense woods. Tourists are spoilt with choices for sightseeing and trekking in mountains. Fitness lovers can choose any of these mountain viewpoints to go trekking. Or You could also register with Yercaud trekking club for your safety. You would absolutely love the view from lady’s seat, and also try out the telescope mounted on watch tower to enjoy the serene view of the plains. If you on long vacation, on alternate days you could try other trekking destinations like Shevaroy Hills (Highest hill with breathtaking view and a Hindu temple), Bear Cave, Karadiyur view point, Arthur’s seat, Manjakuttai viewpoint and Pagoda point.

Note – Visit Silk farm located nearby lady’s seat to get tour of silkworm farming and cultivation of mulberries in Yercaud.

Trekking in mountains in Yercaud


  1. Go Biking in “loop road” in Yercaud

Fitness in yercaud

It is definitely crazy and super fun activity to go cycling in 32 km loop road in Yercaud. It would be absolute fun for both nature lovers and fitness lovers. Enjoy the nature’s beauty, Yercaud versatile plantation, take pit stop to eat organic and home grown fruits sold by local kids.

  1. Go Walk through twisted steep foothills to reach Kiliyur falls

It is situated 3km from the Yercaud lake, once you reach the parking area, you need to walk through the twisted steep foothills to reach the Kiliyur falls. This was our absolute favourite fitness activity and needless to say the view was worth the pain.

Our Travel Story

We Travel Duo, Myself Renuga and My Hubby Rajesh – rode bike from Bangalore to reach Yercaud hill on a weekend. We chose the adventurous wildlife forest road on the way to Yercaud, while coming back we chose 20 hair pin road connecting to main Salem city. We stayed in TGI resorts, absolutely enjoyed the weather and mountain view. For 2 days we explored almost all tourists destinations, some by bike and some by walk. Carrying running shoes were the best thing we did, otherwise it would have been difficult for any normal fitness activity. Yercaud is by far the cheap fitness vacation for adults or couples in TamilNadu.

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